The humanities are a window into the deepest aspects of the human condition, those things that persist across time and cultures. They familiarize us with the language of emotion and motivation, and the areas of human life that defy quantification. And, despite the claim that studying the humanities is impractical, they develop habits of shrewd observation, thoughtful understanding, and clear expression that are invaluable in every walk of personal and professional life. 

In this age of reality TV, inch-deep internet analysis, and glib sound bites, we applaud Humanities Washington for supporting these timeless lessons.

Bruce Shepard
President, Western Washington University
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By the Numbers

Serving Washington Communities from Aberdeen to Zillah.

Serving Washington Communities from Aberdeen to Zillah:

  • Year Founded: 1973
  • Program Attendance (2015): 242,346
  • Number of programs and events (2015): 516
  • Number of partners and host organizations: 261
  • Communities served (2015): 132

2015 Program Activity

  • 38 grants awarded totaling $91,000.
  • 190 speakers bureau presentations serving 11,019 audience members.
  • 16 six-week Prime Time Family Reading programs delivered in 14 communities.
  • 24 Think & Drink Events in Seattle, Spokane, Tacoma and Yakima.
  • 109 in-person Poet Laureate events reaching 3,517 audience members.
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