We, as a society of peoples, need self-reflection as a form of finding ourselves. The humanities showcase our artistic and cultural richness, while creating understandings of our diverse heritage. As Washingtonians’ lives become more complex and society spends less time in reflection, we need to bring our diverse people together in harmony through exploration of the past, culture, race, and religion. There is no better way to experience life than through the humanities.

Greg Bever
Publisher, Spokane Journal of Business
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All events at Humanities Washington

Viking Days Festival at the Nordic Heritage Museum

Viking Days is a free festival that offers hands-on experiences for visitors to learn about Viking traditions and the contemporary Nordic countries through re-enactments, food, trade demonstrations, and traditional entertainment. All are welcome.

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A Reception to Open the Exhibit "Roman Myth and Myth-Making"

The reception will open the new exhibit, "Roman Myth and Myth-Making." The Exhibit examines how the Romans chose to interpret their mythical past and display their religious beliefs through iconographic representation on objects of daily and/or domestic use (e.g., lamps, coins, bronze statuettes, signet rings).

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