The humanities are a window into the deepest aspects of the human condition, those things that persist across time and cultures. They familiarize us with the language of emotion and motivation, and the areas of human life that defy quantification. And, despite the claim that studying the humanities is impractical, they develop habits of shrewd observation, thoughtful understanding, and clear expression that are invaluable in every walk of personal and professional life. 

In this age of reality TV, inch-deep internet analysis, and glib sound bites, we applaud Humanities Washington for supporting these timeless lessons.

Bruce Shepard
President, Western Washington University
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Claudia Rowe

"The New Front Page: 21st Century Journalism and What It Means for You"

The New Front Page: 21st Century Journalism and What It Means for You

Claudia RoweVeteran reporter Claudia Rowe will lead a conversation about the current sea change in journalism, sharing stories from her experiences at various newspapers across the country. At one of those papers, editors refused to cover the disappearance of several local women; such reporting would have exposed a thriving street-prostitution trade and reflected poorly on the region. Through this prism, Rowe will discuss what can happen when financial imperatives direct news judgment – exactly what is happening in newsrooms across the nation today. She will challenge us to consider our own role and responsibility in this new media landscape. Is the role of journalism to provide stories that we want to hear or news that we need to hear?


About Claudia Rowe

Claudia Rowe has been an award-winning social issues journalist for more than 20 years, writing most recently for The New York Times, Mother Jones and the Seattle Times. Whether covering serial murder, gang violence, same-sex marriage or public education, the question of motivation – what compels a person to take action – has marked her work. Rowe is the winner of many journalist accolades, including the Casey Medal for Meritorious Journalism. To learn more about Rowe’s work in journalism, visit her website,

For more information on how to book a speaker, please contact Zaki Abdelhamid at (206) 682-1770 x102 or by email.


2012-14 Speakers Bureau: Claudia Rowe from Humanities Washington on Vimeo.

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