Eva Abram

"Slavery in the Northwest: The Charles Mitchell Story"

Slavery in the Northwest: The Charles Mitchell Story

Eva AbramStoryteller Eva Abram will share the history of one of the few documented cases of slavery in our state’s history. Charles Mitchell, who was born a slave, was brought to Washington Territory in 1853. A tempest was building and citizens all over the state had opinions about a possible Civil War, influencing their opinions about Mitchell’s status as a slave. In this climate, Mitchell made a break for freedom – and his actions nearly started a war between the U.S. and Canada. Through this story, we will examine how ideologies move geographically. The migration to Washington attracted Americans with different socioeconomic experiences from both Northern and Southern states. Did moving to Washington affect peoples’ opinions on slavery?


About Eva Abram

Eva Abram uses her talents as an actress and storyteller to share American history from an African-American perspective. Over the 12 years, she has been commissioned to write a story about Charles Lindbergh’s historic flight and has written and performed a piece for the Washington State History Museum’s Women’s Suffrage Jubilee. She has also presented workshops on storytelling for the Seattle Storytelling Guild and the Museum of Flight in Seattle, and, as an alumnus of Freehold Acting, has performed in several plays around the region. Abram earned a Bachelor of Arts from the University of Washington.

Abram currently lives in Seattle.

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2012-14 Speakers Bureau: Eva Abram from Humanities Washington on Vimeo.


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“Eva's topic was unique and connected to local history interests in the community. Humanities Washington's Speakers Bureau made us aware of her presentation. Also, we could not have afforded to have a speaker of Eva's quality present for our organization without the financial assistance of Humanities Washington.... In addition, the knowledge that Humanities Washington was sponsoring Eva as a speaker built our confidence in her presentation.”

"(Events) like this make me want to live in the library."

"The Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau offers the expertise in providing very high-quality programs that concentrate on critical issues in humanities and other disciplines and spark conversation and critical thinking. These programs are delivered to us at no cost; without this, our organization would not be able to make them available to a local audience. Humanities Washington is the only organization offering this kind of programs in King County."

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Check out a video of Abram's presentation at The Summit at First Hill.

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