Love, Exposed

A photography exhibit tries to move beyond politics to explore the human relationships behind the push for marriage equality.

  • September 7, 2016
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  • By Kate Little

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Bridget Foley blog image featured

Dream Weaver

With “Hugo and Rose,” author Bridget Foley turned a dream she had into a novel about “potty training, giant spiders, a three-headed snake, and particle physics.”

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Do Dolphins Love Mozart?

We’ve long believed animals make sounds only for communication purposes, but a wildlife biologist hears in their calls a musician’s appreciation for beauty.

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Photo: Mike Hipple

Tod Marshall

If the Washington State Poet Laureate is ever banished to a desert island, you’ll find him re-enacting Whitman poems in the surf.

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Julie for blog

Julie Ziegler

Humanities Washington’s executive director on who, what, when, and how she reads—and how the “Little House” books helped her be a better parent.

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