Cabin Fever Questions

In this time of social distancing, join Humanities Washington for questions designed to bring you deeper connections.

The measures our communities are taking to slow the spread of coronavirus, while necessary, conjure up a range of emotions and issues. What will this mean for my family? What will I do with my family, or those I’m with, while avoiding broader social contact? At the same time, memes are circulating on the internet heralding a new world that introverts had only dared dream about. Regardless of your perspective, these next few weeks, possibly months, will bring new challenges.

But we believe that with the right prompts, social distancing can actually heighten social connection.

That’s why in these potentially isolating times, we’ve created a series of questions and related content designed to encourage you to explore important questions with your family, friends, and roommates. The questions will be released periodically through email and on social media. Designed to be explored in-person or online, these questions are rooted in critical thinking, philosophy, and other humanities disciplines. Ask each other the questions, or dig even deeper by watching, reading, or listening to the content related to each question. After all, Netflix only goes so far.

As we all work to get through this unprecedented situation, we encourage you to embrace this forced slowdown and reconnect with yourself and those closest to you. To participate, join us on our Facebook, Twitter, or Instagram pages and sign up for our email list.

An example:


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