COVID Gardens

A poem by Claudia Castro Luna, Washington State Poet Laureate.

  • March 3, 2021
  • |
  • Poem
  • |
  • By Claudia Castro Luna

On our dining room table

a pitcher holding magenta peonies

and bright orange Gerber daisies

spills its June color and scent

over coffee cups and Sunday paper


The flowers are a gift

cut for me yesterday evening

by neighbors grateful

for the strawberry jam

I walked over to their house


The strawberries plucked

earlier in the day from my garden were

no more and no less crimson,

no more and no less sweet,

than they needed to be


In my kitchen, the blood

of the earth mingled

with the snow of sugar

until their heating alchemy

reached perfection, was jarred


Garden gifts making for rich

tables in slim times —

mine, plentiful with print and flowers

theirs, with jam, bread and butter,

or perhaps just with a good lick

to the back of a spoon

Claudia Castro Luna is the current Washington State Poet Laureate. View her website here. The Washington State Poet Laureate program is a partnership between Humanities Washington and ArtsWA/The Washington State Arts Commission.

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