Exploring the Inspiration and Creative Process of Musicians & Composers

Through live piano performance, musical analysis, film clips and storytelling, Speakers Bureau presenter Amy Rubin creates vibrant portraits of musicians and composers throughout history.

Amy Rubin

Amy Rubin

Did you know that Mozart wrote many symphonies in his head while playing billiards?  What about that Gershwin’s pen could barely keep pace with the flow of his improvisations?

These are just two of the stories that pianist and composer Amy Rubin shares while travelling throughout Washington to present her Speaker’s Bureau topic, “Exploring the Magical Process of Creating Music.”  Through a unique combination of live piano performance, musical analysis, film clips, and storytelling, Amy Rubin creates vibrant portraits of musicians and composers, whose works are still often unknown treasures and whose stories of perseverance still hold the power to inspire. In addition to exploring the inspiration and creative process of male and female composers from different time periods and musical worlds, Rubin’s presentations explore the mentors, influences, and tensions that those composers faced as they worked to remain true to their respective artistic callings.

Rubin is passionate about exploring the process of creating music and how that influences music today. For more than 25 years she has presented concerts and lectures throughout the United States, Europe, Ghana, and the Dominican Republic at venues as diverse as Benaroya Hall in Seattle, New York’s Lincoln Center, and the American Embassy in Ghana.

Rubin brings a wealth of experience to her presentations, as a teacher, a traveler and a community organizer. She has taught at a number of colleges, including Cornish College of the Arts. As a Senior Fulbright Scholar in Ghana, she researched rhythmic systems and produced the country’s first Festival of Ghanaian Music. At Fairleigh Dickinson University in New Jersey, she created a festival called “Close Encounters with Music around the World.” Rubin has also recorded several albums featuring original work, as well as collaborations with Egberto Gismonti of Brazil and Argentina’s Astor Piazzolla.

Join her for a dynamic interactive conversation about the creative process of music:

Nov. 18, 2014: Olympia [Details]

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