“Cutting Edge” Media Center Offered Access to Premium Technology

The Humanities Washington Media Center brought technology and cutting-edge equipment to film-makers in the Northwest in the 1990s.

The Avid editing studio pictured above was one of several pieces of cutting-edge technology available to the public through the Humanities Media Center

The Avid editing studio was one of several resources available to the public through the Humanities Washington Media Center.

Humanities Washington is celebrating our 40th anniversary with 40 Years of Washington Stories. Each week on Spark, we are offering a snapshot from our past, through stories that have helped shape the humanities in our state.

During a time when cutting-edge media equipment was available on a limited basis to researchers and film-makers in Washington, the Humanities Washington Media Center filled a need with digital cameras, video equipment and editing suites.  Launched in 1995 in Seattle, the Center made cutting-edge media equipment available to individuals and groups at significantly subsidized rates, thanks to generous support provided by The Paul G. Allen Family Foundation and The Boeing Company.

The Center also supported film festivals and offered media training to the public. Teams from the Northwest Documentary Film Festival, the Irish Film Festival and the Scandinavian Film Festival each utilized equipment at the Center. Visual documentary classes were held in collaboration with the Museum of History & Industry (MOHAI) to acquaint amateur and professional historians with technology as a way to preserve community history. The Center was also used by teams from KCTS-9 and the Seattle International Film Festival.

The Humanities Washington Media Center was a prime destination in the 1990’s for top-quality equipment sought out by community historians and film-makers to support the production and art form of story-telling. Though Humanities Washington no longer operates its own media center, it continues to support conversations and story-telling through programs that include Speakers Bureau, Think & Drink and Prime Time Family Reading.

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