Resources on the Israel-Hamas War

Humanities sources that we sought out in order to better understand the facts of the conflict, gather context from experts, and inform our individual opinions.

The Israel-Hamas war is a complex and evolving conflict, full of suffering and bloodshed that is impacting a variety of communities. It can be difficult to sort right from wrong, truth from misinformation, and know how best to bridge conflicting perspectives. The humanities provide a helpful lens through which to learn more about the various aspects of this crisis, offer solace to those affected, and help to illuminate possible paths forward.

Here at Humanities Washington, our staff members have been seeking out resources and gathering context from experts to inform our individual opinions about these critical issues. In the event they might also be useful for you, we have compiled articles and perspectives that we have found well-researched and valuable. Of course, even the most comprehensive and detailed list of resources cannot completely cover the many dimensions of this moment, the historical forces at play, the sheer human toll, and the rapidly evolving situation.  We hope that this is helpful to you in this moment and you can use this background knowledge and context in the days and months ahead.

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