Speakers Bureau’s Julia Harrison Talks Anthropology and Sweets on KUOW

Host Ross Reynolds interviews Harrison about desserts and treats from different cultures during a feature interview on The Conversation.

  • November 14, 2012
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Julia Harrison

Julia Harrison

Anthropologist and dessert-lover Julia Harrison, a member of the 2012-14 Humanities Washington Speakers Bureau, was recently on KUOW’s The Conversation, where she spoke with host Ross Reynolds about what sweet treats reveal about different cultures.

KUOW has kindly allowed us to link to the Nov. 13 piece:

Play The Conversation’s interview with Harrison

Harrison’s Speakers Bureau presentation, A World of Sweets in Washington State, deals with many of the topics discussed in the interview. She has two more presentations scheduled in 2012:

For more on Harrison’s Speakers Bureau presentation, check out her page on our website. And listen for more of our Speakers Bureau members on KUOW this year, including this previous interview with Alex Alben on the ways technology is changing our culture.

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