Traveling Exhibit Sparks New Tradition, Celebration of Local History in Tieton

A Humanities Washington Traveling Exhibit in the small town of Tieton helps spark a new, delectable community tradition.

Journey Stories Display Tieton

During Journey Stories’ visit to Tieton last year, residents shared their family histories through photographs and newspaper clippings.

Humanities Washington’s programming has helped kickstart a new tradition in the little town of Tieton. On Saturday (July 28), Tieton will celebrate its 101st anniversary with 100+One and Pie-Palooza, a community gathering inspired in part by the Humanities Washington traveling exhibit Journey Stories last summer.


What: 100+One and Pie-Palooza [Details]
Where: Tieton Park, on the corner of Wisconsin and Elm, Tieton [Directions]
When: Saturday, July 28, 11 a.m.- 3 p.m.
Cost: Free, $5 per pie to enter in the pie contest; money raised will benefit Tieton Arts & Humanities.

Journey Stories celebrated the diverse stories of how, when and why our ancestors immigrated. Last summer, Journey Stories’ arrival in Tieton coincided with the small town’s centennial. Together, the two events generated a great deal of interest and engagement among local residents, who began researching their own heritage to display alongside the traveling exhibit’s narrative.

As a result of this enthusiasm, “Local leaders decided Tieton’s history is significant, worth sharing, and worth celebrating!” says Sylvia Imbrock, the exhibitions and communications manager at Mighty Tieton Events. “Journey Stories could not have visited Tieton at a better time.”

The festival this year will continue to channel and foster interest in Tieton’s history. Displays and speakers will celebrate the town’s past, including its longstanding connection to the land and agriculture, the waves of migration to the area and its ongoing adaptations to economic changes. The celebration will ask Tieton’s residents to reflect on the spirit of the place.

Centennial History

Tieton residents built displays celebrating the community’s history for last year’s centennial.

“How has a place so small, at the veritable end of the road, managed to hold on, maintain community, cherish relationships and this place?” asks Imbrock. “It’s the people. They are tough, solid folks used to hard work and steady through changes.”


Who: Mighty Tieton
Established: 2005
Serves: Mighty Tieton is comprised of several groups, including Tieton Arts & Humanities, which served around 5,000 in 2011.
Mission: “Mighty Tieton is an arts incubator comprised of a number of businesses, entrepreneurs and nonprofits dedicated to revitalizing the city of Tieton.”
Mighty Tieton

Mighty Tieton will cap off the celebration in the most delectable way possible – with a pie baking competition.

Why will the celebration feature pie? Well, “Tieton’s and the Yakima Valley’s history this last hundred years revolves around fruit, so pies showcase the industry,” Imbrock says.
And, she adds, “The only thing better than pie is pies. Lots of pies, together, in one place. Followed by an opportunity to sample them.”

The festival will also feature live music, a picnic lunch, booths and speakers.

“Historical celebrations bring together the old-timers and the younger generations, contribute to unity and continuity, and remind us all of why it is that we’re lucky enough to be living in this beautiful town,” says Imbrock.

Look to the Traveling Exhibits section of for more information about our traveling exhibits, including the upcoming Hope in Hard Times.

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