Video: Charles Johnson Reads Exclusive Short Story for 2008 Bedtime Stories

Johnson reads his original short work, “Night Hawks,” about a trip to IHOP with playwright August Wilson, in this exclusive video from 2008.

  • August 27, 2013
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  • By Abby Rhinehart

Author Charles Johnson is the father of Humanities Washington’s Bedtime Stories. He helped inspire the event in 1999, and has read a new short work at the gala every year since.

At Bedtime Stories, Northwest authors read original short works inspired by an event theme, and in 2008, that theme was “Night Hawks.” Johnson’s reading was filmed at that event and is posted below. This is the first time this footage has been made available to the public. Warning: Contains a brief description of violence.

Johnson’s story features a meeting between him and playwright August Wilson, as they discuss the state of Black America and the purpose of art. (Plus, what a meeting between Wilson and the Wayans Brothers might look like.)

Charles Johnson Reads “Night Hawks,” an Original Short Story from Humanities Washington.

For more on the founding of Bedtime Stories, and to see Johnson introduced by local bestseller Jess Walter, watch this extra clip from the evening.

Johnson on the Inspiration for Bedtime Stories Gala from Humanities Washington.

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